Best Paper Awards by IEEE UTM SB for FYP2

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The best paper awards will be given to the papers deemed the best among those submitted for FYP2 seminar this year (via this link The submission deadline is 23 April 2019 (23:59 o’clock).

  1. Papers will be categorised into four tracks; Power Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Communication Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering.
  2. Winners for each track will be decided by the sponsoring society/technical chapter.
  3. Winners will be announced during award presentation ceremony (tentative date: 5 May 2019).
  4. Certificate of participation from IEEE UTM SB will be given to all students who successfully submit the paper and present their work in the seminar.

FYP2: Journal Paper Submission

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All FYP2 students are required to submit an IEEE-format journal paper (minimum 4 pages, maximum 6 pages). The deadline is 23 April, 2018 (23:59 o'clock). Submission of the paper is compulsory for your work to be presented at the seminar. Click here for the journal template and submission link:

Progress Work 3 and Eligibility for Seminar

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To all FYP2 & FYP1 students,

Evaluation for the 3rd progress work i.e. FYP2-3 (for FYP2 students) or FYP1-3 (for FYP1 students) by your supervisor will be due on 16th of April, 2019. By using this form, the supervisor has the right to exclude you from attending the seminar (if you have not shown satisfactory work progress at this stage) that will cause you to fail this course.

You may check the status (marks submitted or not yet submitted) under FYP List>FYP Status Form Submission. The names for those who have been evaluated will appear on the list. If your name is not listed, please follow up immediately with your supervisor.

Student-Supervisor List for FYP1 semester 2, 2018/2019

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Please find the student-supervisor list  as in the attachment below.


  1. The lists are based on the submitted FYP 1-0 form.
  2. The lists are final and change of supervisor is not allowed.

FYP1: Research Methodology Class

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Please be informed that the Research Methodology Class for Final Year Project 1 students will be held as follows:

Date: 5 March 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 2.00-4.00 pm
Venue: Tutorial Room 6, Level 5, P19a

**Attendance is compulsory

Hardbound Report Cover Template

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All the information and templates are now available at GUIDELINES > REPORT PREPARATION & SUBMISSION.

Please be informed that Adobe Photoshop software is needed to open and edit the template files. If you don't have the software, you can go to Computer System 1 Laboratory (P02-109) and do the editing at the lab (bring pendrive to save your files).

Thank you.

Submission of FYP1/FYP2 Report & Logbook

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The submission details are as follows:



Student must submit report draft to supervisor. Do correction as required.

24 Dec 2018

Student must submit corrected report (comb binding) together with Turnitin similarity index page to supervisor & second reader

Click here for the list of second reader

31 Dis 2018

Supervisor will key-in the marks using online form

(1)   Logbook: FYP1-5/FYP2-5

(2)   Report: FYP1-6a/FYP2-6a

31 Dis 2018 ~ 7 Jan 2019

Second reader will key-in the marks using online form

(1)  Report: FYP1-6b/FYP2-6b

31 Dis 2018 ~ 7 Jan 2019

Coordinators will key-in the overall mark & grade in AIMS

8 Jan 2019

Supervisor must verify hardbound report (digital signature is not allowed) & report checklist FYP2-8 prepared by the student (for FYP2 only)

9 Jan & 10 Jan 2019 

(Submission Point: Pusat Sumber SKE, P02)

Please be reminded that the report submitted to second reader must be endorsed by your supervisor (official stamp/signature on the front page of your report). Detail information regarding report submission process can be found here:

Information regarding FYP1 seminar presentation

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Please prepare your presentation slides using the template provided. You have to print 3 copies of the evaluation form prior to the seminar  (you are advised to print double-sided to save paper).  The seminar will be held from 17 to 20 December 2018. The detail schedule will be uploaded shortly.

New thesis manual for FYP report

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Please refer to the latest FYP report guidelines in the attachment.

Template can be found here:
2) LaTeX only (online, no installation required on Overleaf)
3) LaTeX and LyX (offline, local installation required)

The final bound copies of the thesis (report) must be submitted in B5 size and printed on both sides on 80g paper. (see Page 19, Section 2.12 Binding)

Assalamualaikum wrt. wbt.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia melalui Mesyuarat Senat Bil. 10/2017/2018 bertarikh 27 Jun 2018 telah meluluskan format tesis terbaharu bagi program Pascasiswazah dan Prasiswazah di Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM.

Format terbaharu ini berkuatkuasa bagi pelajar pascasiswazah yang menjalani peperiksaan lisan pada 1 September 2018 dan pelajar prasiswazah yang menghantar Projek Sarjana Muda (PSM) pada Semester 1 2018/2019.

Bersama ini disertakan format terbaharu tesis PSM bagi pelajar program Sarjana Muda untuk makluman dan tindakan saudara selanjutnya. Mohon agar format terbaharu ini dihebahkan kepada pelajar.

Sekian, atas kerjasama yang diberikan, didahului dengan ucapan terima kasih.

E-Portfolio for FYP1 (Briefing Slides, Flow Chart & Step-by-step Guidance)

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Please refer to the attachments.

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