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The FYP is a subject that must be completed by final year students as a requirement to receive the bachelor of engineering degree. In this subject, the students will be given two semesters to work on a task that is related to their field of interest. Students are expected to do their work independently most of the time, but their progress will be monitored closely by their supervisors. At the end of the project, students will have to document their work in a thesis which must be hard bounded and submitted to the Faculty.


The aim of the FYP is to give students opportunity to apply the knowledge that they have gained while studying in SKE to solve practical engineering problems. By doing so, it is hoped that the students will gain knowledge and experience in solving problems systematically thus when they graduate, they will be ready to work as reliable and productive engineers.

The Objectives

At the end of the FYP, students should be able to:-

  • Articulate and utilize academic and practical experiences in carrying out engineering projects.

  • Think objectively, analytically and critically when looking at an engineering problem and be able to solve it systematically.

  • Perform relevant work independently when working in a project.

  • Convey their findings and ideas effectively either orally or in written form.


Electronic & Computer Engineering

Telecommunication Engineering

Power Engineering

Control & Mechatronics Engineering

FYP2: Action Plans


18 FEB

Research Methodology workshop

12 MAC

FYP 2-1 Progress evaluation

e-portfolio entry 1


FYP 2-2 Progress evaluation

e-portfolio entry 2

19 AUG

FYP 2-3 Progress evaluation

e-portfolio entry 3

26 AUG

Journal style paper submission

26 AUG

FYP2 Demo video evaluation

Presentation slide submission

5-9 SEPT

FYP 2 Online seminar


e-portfolio entries

FYP 2 Report draft submission

Turnitin report

End of course survey


FYP 2-6 Report evaluation


FYP 2 Online report submission

New FYP Report Preparation

FYP report MUST follow the latest UTM Thesis guideline.

*The final bound copies of the thesis (report) must be submitted in B5 size and printed on both sides on 80g paper. (see Page 19, Section 2.12 Binding)

More details on FYP Report preparation can be found in the link below: